Partnership information

The Association of antique restorers and brocanters La Bisbal was created in 1997 at the initiative of antiques from La Bisbal for the following purposes:

  • - Promoting La Bisbal as antique city.
  • - Encourage the external La Bisbal, to attract people ii stimulate civic life.
  • - The organization of activities
  • - Ensuring that members comply with the legislation of their activity, thus ensuring smooth operation and quality.

territory of the Association as the villages of La Bisbal with the environment.
In all these years the association has sought to achieve these objectives the following work:

  • 1 The organization of various events, most notably:
    • - Market of the eleventh of September the Paseo de La Bisbal
    • - night market festival at Terracotta Museum
    • - Organization jointly with the City Council Bisbal in all editions of the Old Fair Empordà
    • - Summer Friday Market.
  • 2 Advertising in La Vanguardia, the Point Journal, Reuters and decorating magazines nationwide: Habitania, Casa & Campo and El Mueble.
  • 3 The renewal of an annual guide of antiques, restorers and brocanters La Bisbal.
  • 4 Working with other associations bisbalenques: Union Association of Merchants and shopkeepers of the Aigueta. Collaborating on some of their activities.
  • 5 The meetings with the Council of economic initiatives. Economic Development Authority created by the City of La Bisbal.
  • 6 Meetings and contacts with the Association of antique Girona, looking for the best antique Bisbalenc.
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